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Pipepaint|New star -Anti-rust paint for greenhouse heating pipes

Pipepaint is a water-based anti-rust paint specially developed for horticultural greenhouse heating pipes. It is resistant to high temperature and humidity, has excellent heat dissipation performance, reflective and wear-resistant, and does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC). In addition it is safe and pollution-free and does not affect crops and people. All above characters makes it a professional horticultural anti-rust product.


Pipepaint is an imported product from Lumiforte (Mardenkro) of the Netherlands. It has many years of R&D and application experience in the Netherlands. The value and efficacy of the product have been tested by the market. It did not cause a sensation when it was first introduced to China a few years ago. However, since 2019, it has stood out and has been favored by professional greenhouse builders and operators, and its sales have grown steadily year after year, becoming a new star item of Ruixue Global.


The function of Pipepaint

l  Prevent rust and corrosion of heating pipes

l  Increase heat radiation by more than 10%, save energy

l  Improve the light reflectivity of the heating pipe, so that the middle and lower parts of the plant can also receive light, and improve the light utilization rate of the greenhouse

l  Wear-resistant

l  Water-based paint, no volatiles, environmentally friendly, harmless to people and plants, can be sprayed during growing

There are three factors that make Pipepaint to be recognized by the market:

1. Modern agricultural production pays more attention to safety, greenness and people-oriented.

1)         Pipepaint is the only water-based anti-rust paint for greenhouses. It does not contain volatile VOC and can be used by spraying during the growing season of crops

2)         Non-irritating taste, friendly to the plant environment, even sensitive crops will not be affected in their most sensitive growth stages

3)         Friendly to people,  managers, technicians and operators can work in an environment friendly greenhouse

4)         The crops themselves can grow safer and healthier, and increase the products add value


2. China's greenhouse management has changed from extensive to refined style, and more and more intelligent greenhouse design, construction and operators pay more attention to the professional and detailed management of greenhouses. The temperature and humidity in the greenhouse are high, and the heating pipes are easy to corrode and rust, which requires more professional products to solve. As a special rust inhibitor for greenhouse heating pipes, Pipepaint has the following unique advantages:

1)         Efficient anti-rust

2)         Increase the utilization of light inside the greenhouse

3)         Extend the service life of the pipeline

4)         Improve heating efficiency

5)         Effectively reduce energy consumption, reduce greenhouse heating operating costs, and obtain higher economic benefits

6)         Promote sustainable greenhouse production and carbon neutrality


3. China's smart greenhouse industry is in the golden stage of development. The area of smart greenhouses is increasing year by year, the specifications and levels of greenhouses are constantly improving, and high-quality supporting products will gain a larger market.


Sprayed during planting, compared with ordinary anti-rust paint

The Ruixue Global team actively tracked greenhouse projects, introduced pipepaint to the greenhouse operators, conducted tests and demonstrations and tracked the effect of use.


Smearing pipe and spraying pipe


Painted “pipepaint” pipes

After several years of exploration and testing, Pipepaint stands out with its excellent product performance, and has won the trust and affirmation of Chinese customers, and has gradually become an essential material in the construction and operation of greenhouses.

As a one-stop solution provider for horticultural materials, Ruixue Global continues to provide users with systematic solutions for greenhouse design, construction and operation!