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Innovation and demonstration application of drones on shading products

The application of drones has developed rapidly from the initial military drones to civilian drones, from aerial photography and surveying to agricultural production. With the gradual development of modern agricultural technology, traditional manual operations are gradually replaced by mechanical operations. The combination of drones and spraying technology reduces labor and improves work efficiency.

Drones have been used in the agricultural field to spray pesticides, sowing and fertilize plants, but they are still blank in spraying shading products in China. Ruixue Global discovered this Blue Sea in time and started to implement it in the new field of shading agents spraying.


Ruixue Global has undergone continuous innovation, design, testing, and improvement, and repeated trials in the company's self-operated Beijing Fangshan Smart Greenhouse Base.




Spray test


After countless repeated practices, the research and development is finally successful and a satisfactory spraying result is obtained. Ruixue Global completed the  spraying of shading agents by drone for the company’s self-operated greenhouse of Fangshan base. 


Shading spraying successfully completed in own Fangshan base

The improved drones has been developed to meet the spraying requirements. Ruixue Global applied for patent protection and sent our team members to professional institution for training, learning drone knowledge and operating specifications, and obtained drone operation certificates.


Ruixue Global's team set off with mature technology and equipment. They were non-stop in the vast urban and rural areas of China, organizing agents and distributors from all over the country to demonstrate and propagate, educate and disseminate new technologies, and conduct drone training and spraying demonstrations for different regions, different types of greenhouses, and different crops. Their footprints were all over China: Beijing , Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Yunnan, Sichuan, Gansu, Shanxi, Shaanxi……


Drone spraying application on tomato seedlings in solar greenhouse


Drone spraying application on cucumber in solar greenhouse


Drone spraying application on sweet pepper in solar greenhouse


Drone spraying application on chili in solar greenhouse


Drone spraying application on coriander in solar greenhouse


Drone spraying application on lettuce in solar greenhouse


Drone spraying application on watermelon in solar greenhouse


Drone spraying application on passion fruit in solar greenhouse


Drone spraying application on blueberry in solar greenhouse


Drone spraying application on grape in solar greenhouse


Drone spraying application on winter jujube in solar greenhouse


Drone spraying application on strawberry in solar greenhouse


Drone spraying application on Ginseng Fruit in solar greenhouse


Drone spraying application on Gypsophila in solar greenhouse


Drone spraying application on Hydrangea in solar greenhouse


Drone spraying application on chrysanthemum in solar greenhouse


Drone spraying application on rose in solar greenhouse

The drone spraying demonstration has achieved remarkable results, and has been unanimously recognized and praised by dealers. Some dealers have also purchased drones to facilitate local drone spraying services. The spraying process also aroused great interest and attention of growers from all over the country, and expressed their willingness to follow up and use it.



The drone spraying demonstration has attracted the attention of many growers

Ruixue Global will continue to deepen the R&D of the spray application of drones in the field of shading agents, optimize the operation process, and provide customers with better services. Shading agents will also be more widely used along with the convenient operation of drone spraying.