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CCTV live broadcast-"China Today·Jiangxi"|Smart Agriculture Helps Rural Revitalization

On May 27, in the Jiangxi chapter of CCTV News Channel "China Today", the smart greenhouse designed and constructed by Ruixue Global in Nanchang Industrial Park was displayed. It applies the world's most advanced Dutch smart greenhouse technology and equipment, realizes smart agricultural production through automatic control systems, creates a platform for integrated development of the tertiary industry, promotes the iterative upgrade of the agricultural industry in Jiangxi, and empowers rural revitalization. The program mentioned: "In the past, Zhangxi Village was poor. There was no industry. Villagers could only go out to work. In 2019, the village introduced high-tech agriculture and built a modern agricultural industrial park. Driven by smart agriculture, it helped 200 neighboring farmers stay home and get a job. Employment at the door has helped farmers increase their annual income by 20,000 yuan."


"China Today" is a large-scale TV documentary showing the development achievements and changes of China today on CCTV News Channel, CCTV News New Media, and various provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities.


In the future, the Nanchang Industrial Park will continue to integrate demonstration, science and education, sightseeing, and agricultural experience, provide safe and healthy fruits and vegetables for the local area, and give play to the demonstration and radiating effects of 5G digital agriculture.