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technical service
Professional technical services

Ruixue global has built a high-quality and experienced professional R & D team composed of doctors, masters and technical elites studying in Holland to develop, develop and innovate independently; it has continuously strengthened cooperation with international horticultural companies, domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, international organizations and governments to carry out the "industry university Research Alliance" to promote the industrial upgrading and self innovation of modern agriculture in China development.

Professional technical services

GOING GLOBAL——Ruixue global adheres to the principle of going abroad and connecting with the world, introduces and draws lessons from the most advanced models and systems of foreign countries, and maintains the leading position in technology.

INVITING  IN——Ruixue global invited foreign experts to the site to guide the design, transformation and production technology of greenhouse. Provide greenhouse facilities and supporting services specially designed for China.


One stop professional technical service

One stop professional technical service

  • Pre sales consultation
  • Reasonable design of customized project scheme
  • Precision calculation professional guidance construction
  • Demonstration tracking guide
  • Professional after-sales service