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Design and build
smart greenhouse
Design and build the world's top smart greenhouse

Based on the field of modern horticulture, Ruixue global applies agricultural modernization, industrial modernization and information technology modernization to achieve specialization, standardization, scale and marketization. Professional smart greenhouse design and construction, using the most advanced greenhouse calculation model in the Netherlands, customized solutions for each project, to create the world's top smart Greenhouse: scientific, accurate, applicable, mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation. The greenhouse designed and constructed by the company have been leading China's facility agriculture production field into a modern greenhouse era with high output, high quality and high efficiency as the goal.

Ruixue global has formed a high-quality and experienced professional R & D team composed of doctors, masters and technical elites studying in Holland to develop and innovate independently; it has continuously strengthened cooperation with international horticultural companies, domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, international organizations and governments to carry out to promote the industrial upgrading and self innovation of modern agriculture in China.

  • Ruixue Global: leader, practitioner and witness
    of smart Greenhouse
  • Advanced

    Not only understand the advanced technology of foreign countries, but also have rich experience in theory and practice, and design and build smart greenhouse in the world

  • Prospect

    Take the lead in introducing and applying international advanced greenhouse technology and equipment to lead China's greenhouse development

  • Authority

    With the top technology R & D team at home and abroad, and the patent technology of independent innovation

  • Practical

    Projects and products are tailored to local conditions based on customer needs

  • Reliable

    The products and services have won good reputation in the industry. In 2008, the first smart greenhouse has been built by Ruixue Global in China. Since then it has always been carefully designed and built for customers, and has been widely praised.

International advantages

Compared with foreign companies
  • Familiar with domestic market and national conditions

  • According to the production demand, accurately design the technical scheme suitable for China and adapt to local conditions

  • Familiar with Chinese culture and European culture, mutual understanding and pleasant cooperation

  • Language barrier free, smooth communication

  • Competitive price

Domestic advantages

Compared with domestic companies
  • Master the most advanced technology and concept abroad

  • Technology adapts to China and equipments are directly purchased in the world

  • Not only know the advanced technology abroad, but also have rich theoretical and practical experience

  • Have a large number of successful cases at home and abroad

  • Not only proficient in greenhouse design and construction, but also has experience in smart greenhouse operation and management