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Anthurium seedlings
Anthurium seedlings
  • Anthurium Seedlings
    Anthurium Seedlings

    ● AVO Anthurium has already over 80 years of history in the Netherlands 

    ● The first Anthurium seedlings company in the Netherlands

    ● Ruixue Global has a modern Anthurium seedling production farm in Beijing covering an area of 4 ha

    ● Realize standardization, large-scale and professional production

    ● Year-round supply of high-quality Anthurium seedlings

  • Intellectual property
    Intellectual property

    ● The personnel of the R & D center have carefully selected and cultivated new varieties of Anthurium with many traits and high quality for many years

    ● Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of China and aboard and obtained the new Plant Variety right

  • World-renowned

    ● International Horticultural Exposition Anthurium Quality Gold Award

    ● Special award and gold award of China Beijing World Horticultural Exposition

    ● Gold Medal of China International Flower Expo

    ● Science and Technology Innovation Award of China Quality Evaluation Association